Dear guests!

We thank you for the choice you made in favor of the hotel "Mozart"!

These Rules are developed on the basis of the Federal Laws of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights", "On the Basics of Tourist Activity", "Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation", state standards for tourist and excursion services, other regulatory documents and service standards of the hotel "MOZART".

The rules are designed to ensure proper conditions of comfort and safety of guests, establish the order of accommodation in the hotel and fire safety rules.

Rules of accommodation

1- The hotel is intended for temporary accommodation of citizens for the period agreed with the administration of the complex. Upon expiry of the agreed period, the Guest must vacate the room at the request of the administration.

2. Settlement hour - 12 o'clock local time.

3. Hotel operation mode - round the clock.

4. For citizens of the Russian Federation - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, for citizens of the Russian Federation who have not reached the age of 14 - birth certificate, for citizens of the Russian Federation who permanently reside outside the Russian Federation - passport certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation (foreign passport), for citizens of other states and stateless persons - document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen; visa (for countries with which the Russian Federation has established visa relations); migration passport - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation.

5. Payment is made in rubles, in cash, by cashless transfer under the booking agreement or with the use of settlement (credit) cards. Settlement in the hotel is made only after the Guest has paid the accommodation fee. The fiscal receipt and the final invoice for the services rendered should be issued upon the Guest's departure.

6. Regardless of the type of settlement, in case of a delay of the Guest's departure after the check-out hour for a period not exceeding 6 hours, the Guest shall be charged by the hour. In case of delayed check-out for a period of 6 to 12 hours after the check-out hour, the fee is charged for half of the day. In case of departure more than 12 hours after the estimated hour, the payment is made for a full day.

7. Hotel guests may have visitors from 8.00 to 23.00 hours. The administrator must keep a record of all visitors. Visitors must present a document confirming their identity to the administrator. They are the responsibility of the room occupant.

8. Bed linen is changed once every three days, towels and toiletries are changed once a day. At the Guest's request and for an additional fee, unscheduled change of linen can be made.

9. Staying at the hotel with pets is allowed only with dogs and cats of small and medium breeds. The hotel reserves the right to determine whether a pet can stay in the room. When staying with a pet, the guest is obliged to make a deposit of 2000 rubles to the hotel cash desk for possible risks of damage to hotel property.

10. The Guest is obliged to treat the property and equipment of the hotel "Mozart" with care, to comply with the established order of accommodation. In case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel, the Guest shall compensate the cost of the damage on the basis of the current price list.

It is forbidden in the hotel:

- To leave unauthorized persons in the room, as well as to give them the room key card. In case of loss of the key, the guest pays the cost of the key in the amount of 500 rubles;

- Smoking in the rooms, as well as in the halls and corridors of the hotel. The cost of dry cleaning of drapes and carpeting of the room from the smell of tobacco is -4000 rubles;

- Drinking alcoholic beverages in the hotel lobby bar;

- Being in a state of drug or strong alcohol intoxication;

- Disturb the peace of Guests staying in neighboring rooms.